Shapes Fitness Walk: 
Join our 5km run every first Saturday of the month. A great way to keep your heart pumping in the cool morning breeze. Our next run comes up on the 1st of August 2015 by 6.30am. Free drinks for all participants and free foot massage for customers above 50 years who partake.  

Shapes summer dance class/games for children:
Shapes fitness centre summer dance class / games for children between the ages of 5 -15 years starts on  5th August – 29th August 2015.  Package includes;

  • Various Dance classes such as ballet, commercial dance, Hip Hop dance and contemporary dance.
  • Outdoor and Indoor games; Nintendo Wii, table tennis, snooker, boxing, car racing and lots more.

Time: 1pm -3pm
Date: every Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays.
For more Info pls call: 08034834780