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Embrace the present moment through breathing exercises.  We offer a series of aerobics and stretch sessions for our registered members and provide outdoor games such as Table tennis and snooker for your relaxation.





Body Building is one of the most effective ways to streamline your bodies’ structure and also create lean muscle mass. However aside from being a way of bulking up, it is also a great way to lose weight and also trigger your body’s metabolism so that it continues to burn fat long after you have stopped exercising.

For those interested in body building we have dumb bells and bar bells, weight benches and weights, multi stack gyms sets, sit up benches and abdominal machines.


Virtual exercising



To spice up your workout experience and to keep the younger generation interested we have recently introduced virtual exercising through the Nintendo WII game console.  Members can enjoy free of charge, popular games such as Zumba fitness, WII sports -Golf, Lawn tennis, cricket, boxing, table tennis. You can play  individually or in pairs.  We also have an Olympic size trampoline available for you to bounce off all that unwanted excess weight while having fun.





Shapes fitness centre is affiliated with a professional dietician/nutritionist and we are happy to introduce any member interested in this service.  Patience CEO of eating4aChange....


Spa facilities



The gym offers Spa facilities such as facials, massages, manicure and pedicure.  We have a dedicated massage room and a sauna.   There is also an electronic massage chair available for those on the go. 


Gym membership



We welcome individual and corporate membership as well as health and fitness professionals wanting to use our facilities to train clients.  Our fees are very competitive and we offer various discounts for corporate, group or family subscription.

We also have an attractive discount for the elderly and for physiotherapists wishing to utilize our facilities for rehabilitation purposes for their client.